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Happy Birthday Meme : “Happy Birthday to You

 Happy Birthday, Dear ……..”- Is this the song you loved most in your Childhood? Yay!! Today is my Birthday.

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Who will be the first one to wish me on my birthday?

How do I celebrate my birthday?

What presents do I want for my Birthday?

Are you wondering What’s this about?

This is basically a series of our emotions we go through (Especially in childhood) on our birthday.

Many of us don’t believe in celebrating birthdays whereas most of us still love enjoying birthdays of either yourself or our close friends or any special ones.

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate your birthday but the most important one is that it is the beginning of your life.

Birthday gives us an opportunity to rethink about the beginning of our journey, it also gives you an indication that you left another amazing year or joy.


Happy Birthday Meme
Happy Birthday Meme
Happy Birthday Meme
Happy Birthday Meme
Happy Birthday Meme
Happy Birthday Meme
Happy Birthday Meme
Happy Birthday Meme

Breaking Bad Happy Birthday Meme
Breaking Bad Happy Birthday Meme


Wish yourself and your beloved ones with a funny and cool Happy birthday meme.

This post is not only for birthday guy but also for everyone who wants to wish Birthday to their sister, brother, cousin, dad, mom, friends, cat, dog, and so on.


Whether it’s your birthday or your loved ones, one of the major confusion that we face is “How to celebrate my/his/her birthday in a most amazing way”.

Isn’t it?

Let’s back to our Childhood for a moment.

We used to get very excited about birthday parties and the best part about a birthday is that you’ll get everything from your parents you want on this special day.

From our childhood days to this modern era, the style of living has changed, even the way of wishing Birthday to our beloved ones has also changed.

Back in childhood, we used to make birthday card including a Sweet message on it. In today’s generation, it’s very rare to see a handwritten birthday letter.


Here I shared some of the best ways to celebrate your birthday:


  1. Throw a party

Yes, as birthday come once in a year, it is the perfect time to reunite with your old and closest friends, Family, and the persons whom you admire the most.


It’s very special that despite a busy life-schedule everyone will make time for your birthday. Serve water, good foods, snacks, and arrange some games for your friends because you don’t want to end your party too early.


  1. Visit Your Family

If you live far away from your parents then it would be the best time to visit your family. If possible go out for launch or dinner at some fancy restaurants.


At least make phone calls to your family member if you can’t meet your parents on your birthday.


  1. Do something Advanterous 

If you’re a guy who loves taking an adventurous trip rather than casual hangouts then Birthday occasion is the best day to plan it for.


You can plan your whole day for sky diving, bungee jumping, trekking, and so on.


  1. Write Down your Thoughts

It’s completely okay to be an introvert guy. But make sure your introvert character doesn’t stop you to utilize your special day(Birthday).


But what can you do special?


I would recommend you write your thoughts in a journal. Writing means you don’t need to write any novel or story.


What you need to do is just simply write what are your ambitions? what are your achievements till now? where are you? and any words that come from your hearts.


This will create a calm atmosphere and gives you positive energy which is the most needed weapon to make a day special.


I hope this will help you in making the best birthday of your life. If it’s not your birthday then you can wish them with a happy birthday meme.


So what are you waiting for? start your plan to wish a happy birthday to her/him.


And don’t forget to bring the birthday cake for your celebration because it seems incomplete any birthday withour birthday cakes.

Similary In modern world Memes are essential to wish birthday wishes in a funny way.

Happy Birthday Meme

In today’s world we connects with our friends mainly on social media platforms and birthday-wish with a handwritten letter becomes just a case of rare scenarion now.


From our busy schedule of life, it is hard to get time for our lovely persons. Since the arrival of social media, people tend to wish people more on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

Even the form of our birthday message has also been changed from text and videos to meme and gifs.

Yes, Happy Birthday meme is most trending in terms of social share.

But why?

Everyone loves happy birthday memes because it is:


  • Trending
  • popular
  • Funny as hell
  • Easy and fast to create
  • a Short message but with deep meaning


We have covered meme collection on “Happy Birthday Meme”, have a look.


And you know what?

You’ll get to see at least one meme if you surf the internet for only 5 minutes.

Isn’t it so crazy that how Birthday message has changed its presence from a hand-written letter to online meme?


Well, technology (especially the internet) has changed rapidly over the past few years and it affects us in a positive and negative manner.


While talking about the positive side, Social Media is the first and foremost thing where we can notice the evolution of the internet.


Without a doubt, the meme is trending so much that we often use this for most of the occasions such as Birthday, Anniversaries, etc.


If you’re planning to wish Happy Birthday to your beloved ones then check out our meme collection that’ll perfectly describe your emotions.


Here we are have listed a cool collection of Happy birthday meme that perfectly describes your emotions and feelings such as funny, happy, etc.


Do plan for a perfect day for your mom or dad or any close member of yours and if you want to make it something cool and different than the traditional ones then start creating or collecting meme for Happy birthday.


Another reason people love to use meme as a message for any ocassion is beacuse it gets viral very quickly. Number of Social media shares of a post containing meme is much higher than a normal wish message.


So, why not using the trend of meme to showcase your feelings and emotions to the birthday guy.


Choose the perfect happy birthday meme for your brother, sister, cousin, mom, dad, cousin, etc to share from our birthday meme collection which is listed below.